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Explore Molise - The Undiscovered

Vineyards and Wineries

Food and Beverage Near Casa Rosa

Molise is most often described as being undiscovered, and less-traveled




Links to Discovering Molise


  • Azienda Agricola Cianfagna- Winery​​​​​

  • Claudio Cipressi Vinaiolo-  Contrada Montagna 11/B San Felice del Molise 


Farmstays (Agriturismi) with Restaurants​  

  • Agriturismo Fontefredda- Contrada Peticone, Tavenna 86030​​

  • Mirco Agriturismo- 86036 Montenero di Bisaccia,​​



  • Ristorante Pizzeria Vecchio Frantoio- Vico III San Roco, Palata    

  • Country Road Palata- Pizzeria & Burgers

       Contrada Cupariello, Palata


  • Trattoria- Rosteria Da Olindo

       Via Ambrogio Carraba 36, Montenero di Bisaccia

  • Sale e Pepe Pizza-  SP 81, 1, 86030 Mafalda

  • ​​Supermercato Zara (General Store) - ​Viale Regina Elena, 26, 86030 Tavenna 

  • Alimentari Del Gesso (General Store) - Via Incoronata, 3. 86030 Tavenna

  • Tabaccheria (Tobacconist +Store) - Viale Regina Elena, 30, 86030 Tavenna

  •  Del Gesso Carni (Butcher) - Corso Umberto I, 11, 86030 Tavenna

  • ​L'Arte del pane (Bakery) - Via Roma 102, 86030 Tavenna

  • Lemme Tartufi (Truffle)- Via Roma 122, 86030 Tavenna


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Local Markets


Sights to see

Our first vacations in Italy were spent exploring destinations between the Amalfi Coast and Rome. On future visits, we quickly found ourselves wanting to see more of the country of our ancestors, but in less frequented areas, and at a less hurried pace. As we've always embraced the possibility of getting lost without care, we drove across the country toward Molise a few years ago. We were captivated by first impressions of the region and mystified that it could remain 'unexplored' by so many, including residents of other Italian regions as well as foreigners. The exquisite landscapes, architecture, and rich history of Italy beckon visitors from around the world; Tuscany's nature reserves, Rome's ancient historical sites and architecture, and Amalfi's dramatic coastal vistas find tourists flocking to them. Yet somehow the gem of solitude and unsullied beauty that is Molise, the second smallest region of Italy, has remained a secret treasure spoken of with reverence by adventurers, naturalists, and artists alike, as well as those who just crave being off the beaten path in pursuit of a less touristy, more immersive and authentic Italian experience.  We've collected links (including an especially thorough one from Tripadvisor ) which are an awesome way to help you visually establish a good sense of the region, and help plan a visit according to your specific interests. There are links to cultural sites, vineyards, an ancient bell foundry, and stunning architectural points of interest like churches with underground tombs. Agriturismi (farm-stay accommodations which also operate restaurants) are also a part of an immersive Molise experience! ​ So that you are aware when you're browsing, the region of Molise consists of two provinces: Campobasso and Isernia. Our B & B is in the Campobasso province, closer to the sea, and encompasses a vast geographic range, from the coastal Adriatic beach and sea views to hinterland forests, hills, mountain ranges, and vineyards. ​

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