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Casa Rosa

A stone house


How we choose to greet our guests is a warm welcome to the hilltop country of Tavenna and a personal tour of Casa Rosa, the Pink House. Offering local wine and cheese, truffles, fresh local bread or a meal from our home is one way we will share the essence of beautiful Molise with you. You'll quickly realize that a vacation in Molise does not require that we create a sense of relaxation and tranquility for you as these are fabulously inherent to the region and will permeate both your mind and body.

Casa Rosa is a solid stone home built centuries ago in Tavenna. It is a well-appointed three-bedroom home that is all yours when booked! We've been careful in restoring and preparing the house for your stay and mindful not to disrupt its traditional Molisan sense while imbuing practical and comfortable design elements that we hope are pleasing to you! 


Benvenuti a Casa Rosa 

A different kind of stay

If you are a traveler who is yearning for a more unique vacation, the following terms may be newer to you, and they may become your preferred travel experience!

 Alberghi Diffusi ( loosely translated: 'scattered hotels') are groups of homes within a small city that function as one large hotel.


Agriturismi or 'farm-stays' are working farms that offer guest accommodations, and utilize what they grow to prepare meals for guests. The rooms usually feel very homey, and the proprietors are welcoming.


Both models offer immersive opportunities for guests who wish to savor the traditional, 'beautiful country' within their immediate surroundings. While a grand hotel in a large city can be a luxurious indulgence, there is an inimitable lure in retreating to a stone home perched on a hilltop where mountain and sea views calm the soul. Falling into step with the gentle rhythm of routines and traditions in a quartiere  

(neighborhood) offers the most genuine experience, and also feels indulgent because it is so personal.  

Casa Rosa admires these models that engage visitors in the routine of the city, and aspires to create an environment that has drawn from both! 


The Romantic- The Wanderer


Molise is an adventurer's paradise pursued by intrepid travelers inspired by the luxury of simple indulgences and phenomenal vistas. Visitors to Tavenna embrace their journey as a synergistic aspect of their destination. 
Located approximately 106 miles from Naples International  Airport, and 160 miles from Rome's Fiumicino Airport, Tavenna is perched on a hilltop in Molise. Ancient hilltop cities cloistered in rock, gracefully winding viaducts, and dimly-lit tunnels excavated through enormous mountains, are sights promised to travelers. Molise is a region where stunning natural beauty is untrammeled, and antiquity is revered. 

In Tavenna

Or you can cross the country by train 

Whether you choose to rent a car in Naples or Rome, or you decide to relax and train across, the sites are breathtaking! Taking the train is not complicated, and your trip can include snacks, panini and prosecco or birra, which certainly help pass the time in a pleasant way! 

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