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A page for random musings and tips

Things we wish we knew sooner

if you're coming by car...
if you're coming by train...
  • When you're driving on the autostrada in the left lane and the driver directly behind you has his left blinker on it means move over and let them pass. Also, just because someone is driving a lot faster than you doesn't mean you should. There are several methods used to capture your rate of speed, and you will get a ticket if you exceed the limit. ​

  • Speaking of the autostrada, there are gas stations alongside the road that are also food stops. In addition to selling grocery items that are comparable to some gourmet shop items in the US, you can also purchase panini, pizza, and more. Espresso, beer, and wine are also available, and the baked goods are fantastic, including donuts, muffins, and croissants filled with Nutella and pistachio cream! And don't overlook these places due to their location; laying out a little feast at the back of your car alongside other roadside diners is cool. ​

  • Another roadway tip: when you enter an autostrada and come to the toll you'll want to get in the correct lane to grab a ticket. The word 'ticket' is 'biglietto' in Italian. If you don't know that word you might not know which lane to be in. When you exit the autostrada, make sure you get in a cash or card lane, not a 'Telepass' lane, then insert your biglietto at the booth to pay. 

  • Here is one street sign you may see in some cities, which you should pay attention   ​​​​​

  •     It indicates that the street on which it is found has restricted vehicle access unless specially permitted, for residents. Keep in mind: You will receive a ticket for parking on a street with this sign and just for driving down it. We learned the hard way a few years ago when we were searching for parking in Pescara, and did this... very hefty fine! 

  • While we are talking about cars... you'll need one! While you are in Tavenna you can find some surprisingly well-stocked food and necessity markets, a bakery, a butcher, a post office, and a bar, all within walking distance. But the area's fantastic feeling of calm remoteness is balanced by the availability of  Molise's wonders, all reachable by car. Don't worry about navigation because your google maps will speak to you in your language, and you can follow that blue line (or let your companions do that) while you are exploring. 

  • The high-speed trains are a cool way to cross the country if you're flying into Rome or Naples. Then you can rent a car in Termoli if you're staying in or around Tavenna.  We also find that train rides are a good way to decompress after a long flight.

  • Remember, after you buy your train ticket at any station, you must validate it before you board your train! The video below gives you an idea of what it looks like to do this.  

when you're driving in the country...
  • Driving the thoroughfare that connects the villages of Molise is amazing. Although a lot of the roads can be rugged in places, the journey is made worthwhile by the serenely breathtaking landscape and abundant wildlife. I sometimes feel like an exuberant child, next to my husband in the car, as we drive, especially through the most untrammeled parts. 


       "Did you see that!"

        Keep your eyes peeled... there is so              much to see!

      I can't always wrap my head around the        fact that such a bounty of nature grows        an arms-length away... everywhere, or          that wildlife is so abundant and visible          as well.

      That wild asparagus, bushels of                      rosemary, and millions of figs and                  olives cover the land, or porcupines,            red foxes and wild boar roam, I never            will tire, and hope you'll realize how              uniquely preserved these natural                  pleasures are in Molise!

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