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Where we're from, and why we're going back to Italy

 My husband's family (and mine) were Italian immigrants who ventured to Ellis Island, New York during a very formative chapter in America's history. It was an onerous time for immigrants from all countries, which tested their mettle. Italians (like others) were eager to assimilate to make life easier for their families while settling. Despite this, they passed along their customs and traditions from home, for which we will always be grateful. 
  We have a strong sense of admiration and pride for the grit and passion our 'parenti' possessed, which allowed them to pursue such a brave move in that era, and we are lucky that they worked so hard to establish both home and business while instilling the same strong work ethic in their children. It remains ironically clear to us that we would not be able to go 'back to Italy' if they had not first ventured to America! 
  Perhaps it's through our bloodlines that we are passed this nature of exploration and the desire to live a life in which we feel most fulfilled. 
  Our journey has given us clarity as to where our priorities lie daily. Where do we derive our peace and our joy? Where are we most fulfilled as we labor? There may never be one definitive answer to these questions, but we enjoy the discovery. Kris and I have set out to share a beautiful, natural, and tranquil version of Molise Italy that we have discovered with our unique take on bed & breakfast, and we are looking forward to greeting you!

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SS Cittá Di New York- the ship on which my great-grandparents made the journey. Benvenuti Emilio e Maria Oliva!
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About Us

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